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How to set up for yoga games for kids

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Jodi makes her own yoga dots by cutting eight circles out of an actual yoga mat, a different color for each grade. I’ve heard of teachers who buy yoga mats for as little as five dollars at local discount stores, like Five Below. The children use the yoga dots, instead of yoga mats. It saves room and then she’s not lugging around yoga mats.

Also, she writes each child’s name on each yoga dot, so she can quickly space out the yoga dots before the children come into class. She can decide which children are best next to each other and others who might benefit from being further away from each other. This part of the process, Jodi says, is crucial to making the best out of their 15-minutes together and they can get right into the yoga practice and limit the time for setup.

Yoga games using yoga cards for kids

Once the children are at their assigned yoga dot spaces, Jodi takes them through a “yoga break” exercise to get them rejuvenated and ready to learn for the day. Here are some yoga break ideas using our yoga poses for kids cards:
1. Music + Yoga Pose:

Place one yoga pose card under each yoga dot. Play classical music, like Beethoven, and have the children move to the music. When the music stops, each child looks under their yoga dot, and practices the yoga pose on the yoga card.
2. Match Yoga Poses:

Place one yoga pose card on each yoga dot. Once everyone has a chance to look at their yoga card, then everyone walks around to find someone else who has the matching color band (category) on their yoga card. Once the partners are united, they can practice the poses together.
3. Partner Yoga Pose Practice:

Give out a yoga card to each child. Then, the children walk around to find someone who has the same color shirt (or eyes, pants, shoes, etc). Once everyone is matched up, the partners practice the poses on their cards together.
4. Fitnopoly

First, watch this YouTube video from Benjamin Pirillo of TeachPhysEd on how to play Fitnopoly. Jodi adapted this Fitnopoly game by putting one of yoga cards under each yoga dot. Her students practice the yoga pose under each yoga dot, then roll the dice to move on to the next yoga pose-yoga dot. She says that it’s a great game to integrate math + movement.

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